Pascale Moyse is naturopath, osteopath BAO M.Sc. and homeopath.

From Yoga to Thai Massage

Pascale was brought to Thai Massage through yoga, which she has been practicing for more than 15 years. She trained in Thai massage in England, Greece and France within the Sunshine Network.

From Thai Massage to Osteopathy

She discovered osteothai (the coming together of Thai massage and osteopathy) and osteopathy (possibly the Western version of Thai massage) through David Lutt, osteopath and Thai massage therapist.

She then decided to do a master of Osteopathy at the German School of Osteopathy (OSD) and at the University of Dresde. Her master thesis focuses on the integrative possibilities offered by osteopathy for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Homeopathy: a gentle way to foster change

Through her work with children she discovered homeopathy, a very gentle non-invasive way of dealing with deep blockages. It harmoniously complements her body and emotional work.

Her research work focuses on the key part played by temporary or repeated stress on a person’s mental and physical structures, which often leads to chronic diseases and symptoms. She also has a strong interest in the physical integration of emotions.

Pascale runs her ownn practice in Berlin and teaches osteopathy at the German School of Osteopathy and homeopathy for the whole family in her practice.

She belongs to the Federation of Free Osteopaths (VFO).